Revolution in Clifton

MAJOR upsets in the Clifton, NJ City Council race held today.

Unofficial winners (in order of vote total):
Jim Anzaldi (a City Hall fixture who grew up near my father's childhood home on Vreeland Avenue)
Tony LaTona (a fresh face, 32 years old)
Peter Eagler (after getting dumped by the Democrats for State Assembly AND Freeholder in 2005, Peter makes a mini-comeback in his hometown)
Joe Cupoli (my man, I supported him all the way)
Gloria Kolodziej (a Democrat, but I voted for her anyway because I respect a woman who has stood up to archaic chauvanists for so many years)
Steve Hatala (a leftover of the old regime)
Frank Fusco (third time's the charm for Frank, good for him!)

That means that Clifton voters threw out the following incumbents:
Ed Welsh
Stefan Tatarenko (he supported me 2 years ago, I am disappointed to see him lose, despite some other GOP differences of taste between he and I)
Don Kowal
Frank Gaccione (15th place out of 16, I might add)

I will leave it other Cliftonians to analyze the impact of 3 new, young faces on the Council in detail. This can only be a good thing.

Finally, I would like to add that if this election is any indication of the June 6 Primary outcome, the Mike Mecca/Peter Murphy (the convicted felon) wing of the Passaic County GOP will continue to wane, considering that their allies, especially Gaccione, Tatarenko, and Welsh all lost convincingly.