"Globetrotting Condi" for Prez? Smashing! Lovely! Splendid!

On my recent visit to London, I was peppered with questions by my friends and colleagues living in England, about the aspirations of Condoleezza Rice to ascend to the Presidency. According to them, the British press seems convinced that the current Secretary of State has her eyes on the White House in 2008.

Here are some press clippings from her recent UK visit:

"Work out with most powerful woman in the world; Is Condoleezza Rice's exercise video a prelude to running for President?" - The Times

"The world may have changed dramatically but Clinton v Rice remains the dream ticket for Washington's political classes...If Ms Rice is persuaded to enter the contest, despite her insistence she is not interested, all bets are off." - The Guardian

"Americans woke up to their new-look 'Secretary of Style' a year ago, when the normally staid Washington Post gushed about her dominatrix look after a visit to US troops in Germany." - Daily Telegraph