The court case of folk-hero كيلو - Kelo AND Kilo

Today is one of those interesting days to be an American of Syrian origin.

Why? Well, in the morning I attended a political breakfast meeting frequented by a number of NJ conservative organizations, who distribute their materials to an obviously captive audience. One of these was a clipping from Congressional Quarterly, entitled "The Kelo Conundrum". Of course, the title refers to American homeowner Susette Kelo, who sued the city of New London, Connecticut because they decided to confiscate her working class neighborhood, destroy it, and rebuild a more أكابر development.

Shockingly, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the town! Conservatives rightfully expressed outrage. The House has acted to contravene the decision, and the Senate Judiciary Committee plans its own populist legislative push soon.

The interesting part is, these days, when I hear "the كيلو case", my mind immediately thinks of Syrian political activist Michel Kilo, who sparked outrage after he and a number of his colleagues were arrested last week by the Syrian authorities.

While the spelling of their names may be different, both Susette and Michel are folk heros, and I wish both of them the best of success in their legal battles.