Federal Inmate # 12677-050

Every Republican in New Jersey, especially Passaic County, needs to know that a CONVICTED FELON is mounting a bid to once again lead the Party that he left in shambles when dragged off to PRISON in 2001 following a bribery conviction.

How can America provide a leadership example for Democracy while we sit back and actually allow a FELON to assume leadership of the Passaic County Republican Party?

Peter Murphy is a CRIMINAL. If you need a reminder, have a look:

source: Federal Bureau of Prisons

Today in the Herald News, he all but declared his candidacy for County Chairman:
"I have never stated that I was running for chairman or wasn't running for it," he said Wednesday. "As of right now, I will take a close look at it."
Is he kidding? Somebody ought to tell Jailbird: maybe that kind of line fooled your pals in the prison mess hall, but we ain't buyin'.

Murphy also revealed in this article that he was indeed behind the "off-the-line" County Committee petitions filed in Clifton, Wayne, and Paterson (see my previous post about his cronies getting trounced in Clifton's City Council race). This contradicts the statements made by current County Chair Mike Mecca, as reported on politicsnj.com on May 1, in which he said:
"We settled our differences," says Mecca. "We're united...We're working together to win in November."
So Mecca was lying then, clearly. Is this kind of leadership we want for the Passaic County Republican Party?

I knew Mecca was lying about that all along. In an email on Friday, May 5, I called him out on it:
"I agree that unity is important. Unfortunately, as you know doubt know, a few dozen County Committee candidates have decided to run off the line in Clifton, Wayne, and Paterson, presumably in an attempt to undermine the municipal leaders there. Since the municipal leaders represent the PCRRO, these off-the-line candidates are working against the unity that we all seek. Shocking, don't you think? I can't imagine who organized such an effort!

I believe that your clout as duly elected Chairman of the Passaic County GOP would be an important boost to the candidates running ON the line in those districts, since they represent the PCRRO.

I propose that I will pay for a letter, signed by you, strongly endorsing the 'Line' candidates. The letter will be sent to all registered Republicans in those districts being contested.

I look forward to your response."
I got no response, of course. But that's okay, Jailbird confirmed it today. And then he tried to blame it on Jose Sandoval, who actually had the courage this year to step up and take on Bill Pascrell for US Congress (like I did 2 years ago), while the Mecca/Murphy faction voted to let Pascrell run unopposed! So much for standing up for Republican principles.

These are just the most recent indicators of why Passaic County Republicans must not allow Peter Murphy the CONVICTED FELON to regain leadership of the Party.