Federal Inmate # 12677-050

Every Republican in New Jersey, especially Passaic County, needs to know that a CONVICTED FELON is mounting a bid to once again lead the Party that he left in shambles when dragged off to PRISON in 2001 following a bribery conviction.

How can America provide a leadership example for Democracy while we sit back and actually allow a FELON to assume leadership of the Passaic County Republican Party?

Peter Murphy is a CRIMINAL. If you need a reminder, have a look:

source: Federal Bureau of Prisons

Today in the Herald News, he all but declared his candidacy for County Chairman:
"I have never stated that I was running for chairman or wasn't running for it," he said Wednesday. "As of right now, I will take a close look at it."
Is he kidding? Somebody ought to tell Jailbird: maybe that kind of line fooled your pals in the prison mess hall, but we ain't buyin'.

Murphy also revealed in this article that he was indeed behind the "off-the-line" County Committee petitions filed in Clifton, Wayne, and Paterson (see my previous post about his cronies getting trounced in Clifton's City Council race). This contradicts the statements made by current County Chair Mike Mecca, as reported on politicsnj.com on May 1, in which he said:
"We settled our differences," says Mecca. "We're united...We're working together to win in November."
So Mecca was lying then, clearly. Is this kind of leadership we want for the Passaic County Republican Party?

I knew Mecca was lying about that all along. In an email on Friday, May 5, I called him out on it:
"I agree that unity is important. Unfortunately, as you know doubt know, a few dozen County Committee candidates have decided to run off the line in Clifton, Wayne, and Paterson, presumably in an attempt to undermine the municipal leaders there. Since the municipal leaders represent the PCRRO, these off-the-line candidates are working against the unity that we all seek. Shocking, don't you think? I can't imagine who organized such an effort!

I believe that your clout as duly elected Chairman of the Passaic County GOP would be an important boost to the candidates running ON the line in those districts, since they represent the PCRRO.

I propose that I will pay for a letter, signed by you, strongly endorsing the 'Line' candidates. The letter will be sent to all registered Republicans in those districts being contested.

I look forward to your response."
I got no response, of course. But that's okay, Jailbird confirmed it today. And then he tried to blame it on Jose Sandoval, who actually had the courage this year to step up and take on Bill Pascrell for US Congress (like I did 2 years ago), while the Mecca/Murphy faction voted to let Pascrell run unopposed! So much for standing up for Republican principles.

These are just the most recent indicators of why Passaic County Republicans must not allow Peter Murphy the CONVICTED FELON to regain leadership of the Party.


PaulieWalnuts said...

Good post George. It's quite unfortunate that Passaic Republicans don't seem to want to promote their more dynamic young voices (John Traier, Erik Lowe, yourself), rather they would stick with leadership that has failed them.

Keep in mind that during Murphy's reign was when the Passaic GOP collapsed. In 1995, they held the congressional seat in the 8th, one Assembly seat in 35 (now both of which seem completely out of the GOP's reach) and all the freeholder seats, as well as the clerk's and sheriff's office. Now their highest elected office is Wayne Mayor, because none of the GOP assembly members from the 40th or 26th live in Passaic.

Murphy and his dim-witted apprentice Mike Mecca think that Passaic County is frozen in time when in fact it isn't. One only has to look at the election results to see that. In 1994-95, Prospect Park, for example, was still solidly Republican, it was an easy 2-to-1 win and a 300-vote cushion in a low-turnout year for the GOP. Prospect Park however became more Latino and Arab, and thanks to the Passaic GOP's antipathy towards those groups, this town with the same number of people in 2006 is 2-1 Democratic. In Paterson, the GOP used to receive one-third of the vote as recently as 1994 in county races, this decade the Republicans have not once broken twenty percent. Moreover, GOP margins in West Paterson, Clifton, Ringwood, Bloomingdale and West Milford are shrinking and in some recent years non-existent. This is despite the fact that county Democrats have often been divided or run weak candidates.

Until the PC GOP can break free from
this mentality and the internal bickering, they will continue losing.

George Ajjan said...

Here is some of the other feedback I received by email:

"Boy.. You're putting up a fight.. Good for you"

"Unbelievable..... just unbelievable. The culture of corruption is everywhere.."

"George, we know Murphy was trying to . And everyone is rolling over and letting it happen. Mecca doesnt want the job any more so who do you thing he was going to recommend!!"

"Politics as usual. What else can I say?"

"This is poor.........Don't sink to this level, you lost my respect."

"You're right."

"Although your words may be true it"s not necessarily a smart thing to attack one another so harsh....George think about it...if Pete becomes Chairman or even Mike does ....they"ll be our chairmen including yours and mine for 3 years...and what will have been the outcome of the mudslinging that so much happens in politics..which is the norm ....wounded relationships as we head off to November...and if they lose it.. it still wont be a great thing to be looking at the finish line after the chairmen's election and belittling the other guy....lets be civil until we know."

"Wow, you got big ones!"

"stop being bitter b/c your people are not at the helm Murphy still does a lot of good for the party and still has strong ties you wont be happy until your people are in lol"

"go get 'em, tiger"

"Are you serious? Did you ever hear of forgive and forget?"

Anonymous said...

George and PaulieWalnuts are exactly right. Enough is enough. Loyal Republicans in Passaic County have stood aside for far too long and watched these clowns run the party into the ground. They have no vision for the future of Passaic County’s communities, New Jersey, or the nation.

In 2004, George challenged Congressman Pascrell and his abysmal voting record head on, with no help from County Chairman and Freeholder candidate Mecca. Mecca made his allegiance clear at an AARP sponsored forum in Paterson where he openly praised Pascrell. That same election year, Passaic County Democrats spent over $1 million to secure every open political office. The Passaic GOP’s lack of leadership and vision provided a level of fundraising that was nowhere even remotely close to that of county Democrats. Thanks to the current mismanagement of the county GOP, there is no county headquarters or an up-to-date website that is accessible to the public. The people deserve better.

George has been a consistent voice for positive change within the Passaic County Republican Party. The time for that change is now. The GOP has a strong slate of candidates running in 2006. Yet that will all be irrelevant if there is not a clean break from the party leadership of the past decade. Contrary to what they think, elections are not won by the number of signs they can line the county’s highways with, or how many tacky black-and-white newspaper mailings they send out, attacking thier opponents. The Passaic County GOP needs a new direction.

PaulieWalnuts said...

You mean you don't like that great piece of journalism :The Passaic County Republican News? lol!

Anonymous said...

I don't know which is worse, "The Passaic County Republican News," or that piece of trash put out by the Lonegan team during the 2005 primary - "The Passaic County Eagle." I would venture a guess that 9 out of 10 people who get something like that in the mail simply throw it out. Call me optomistic, but elections are about outlining an agenda for the future. "The Passaic County Regular Republican Organization," (that name really needs to be shortened to Passaic County Republican Committee) under the current leadership, has not lived up to that ideal.

Anonymous said...

"stop being bitter b/c your people are not at the helm Murphy still does a lot of good for the party and still has strong ties you wont be happy until your people are in lol"

Wrong. Mecca and Murphy do good for themselves, not the Republican Party. They are too busy cutting deals with Democrats - Democrats that they should be challenging with ideas - not bargaining with.