One Christmas, in London, December air

I do love London at Christmastime. Just a few pictures to share from my recent trip:

First, to the left, we have Oxford Street and its lights. Now I know that Londoners think the whole thing is cheezy, but I don't care.

During the daytime, you'll find brass bands playing Christmas carols on the street as well. Both of these shots were taken near Selfridge's, my favorite, or should I say favourite, shopping spot in the world.

However, I was annoyed at the redesign of the interior - the ground floor used to have a whole section devoted to men's accessories, with lots and lots of great ties, etc. but now this has been eliminated and incorporated with the overall men's department upstairs. A bit annoying.

I also did some shopping in the Covent Garden market, which features all sorts of delicious foods and crafts. While there I enjoyed a cup of "Christmas mulled wine" with a friend - a mixture of wine and spices served warm.

But neverthless, for me London in late December is a real treat, much like 5th Avenue in NYC. Merry Christmas to all!