A Chemistry quiz for Howard Fineman

Newsweek reporter Howard Fineman says:
"Attention must be paid to Dr. Ron Paul, the 110-proof libertarian in the Republican race. He's had a surprisingly strong online fund-raising push and now has at least $10 million in the bank. In Iowa, according to the new NEWSWEEK Poll, he's got 8 percent support among likely GOP caucusgoers, and he's a legit wild card in more-independent New Hampshire."
What, I wonder, does it mean to be a 110-proof libertarian?

"Proof" is double the percentage by volume in a solution. So is Fineman saying that Paul is 55% Libertarian by volume? What, praytell, comprises the other 45%? Republican? Conservative? Water? (is he just a watered-down libertarian?) If you distilled his political views, at what point would he become azeotropic?

Can Fineman please tell us what proof Republican Ron Paul was in 1976, when he supported Ronald Reagan for President and was a delegate for the Gipper at the Republican National Convention?

Better yet, what proof Republican was Rudy Giuliani in that same year? He was a Democrat until 1975, than conveniently became Independent, then became a Republican to support Ronald Reagan when it was safe to do so - AFTER Reagan won the Presidency in 1980.