We fudge, you decide; or CNN (Calculator-less News Network)

As if it wasn't bad enough that throughout the night of the Iowa Caususes yesterday, CNN refused to show the slice of the pie that showed Ron Paul in double digits and beating Rudy Giuliani nearly by a factor of 3. By the end, both Fox News and CNN reported reported Rudy Giuliani with 4,013 votes. They ranked him at 4%.

But if you add them all up, you'll see that the total was 116,114. 4,013/116,114 - that makes 3.46%. In what universe does 3.46 round up to 4?

The numbers match what has been reported on the Iowa GOP's official site. (Yes, I understand that only 93% are reporting in, but a calculator still adds and divides properly with 93% of the statistics.)

Are they that desperate to save Rudy Giuliani that they have to fudge the numbers?