Long overdue documentary on Arab-Americans

A couple weeks ago I received an email telling me about a project underway that is long overdue - a professionally-made, star-studded documentary film about the experience of Arab-Americans.

The brains behind the project, Abe Kasbo, CEO of the public relations and marketing firm Verasoni Worldwide, has an outstanding media background and production skills to give this project the finesse it deserves. Upon hearing about the project, I immediately contacted "Halabi Abe", to brainstorm a bunch of great content that the project might include.

We had the chance to meet last week, when Abe gave me his latest updates - he has extensive support from the Arab American Institute (AAI), a number of Arab-American celebrities, and has some great roadshows planned to raise money to complete the project (this is mostly a labor of love) - and to film key sites, most notably the St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, founded by famous entertainer Danny Thomas. St. Jude's fundraising organization is called ALSAC, which stands for American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, and that's a fact.

In addition to modest financial contributions, Abe is looking for anyone who has video footage of old haflat or maharajanat, and he can be reached by email.


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