2*Na^4 + Hey^3 = GOODBYE

Tonight witnessed a dramatic election of Republican County Committee members in Passaic County. This election was basically a pre-cursor to next Tuesday's ballot on which the County Committee will elect a new Chairman. The slot is currently held by Mike Mecca, protégé of ex-convict and former Chairman Peter Murphy, who is presumed to want the job once again.

Of the county's 16 municipalities, 5 had contested races for County Committee, and here is what happened (please do bear in mind that these are rough and unofficial tallies, which do not include absentee ballots):

Paterson broke about 57-19 against Murphy/Mecca
Clifton broke about 70-20 against Murphy/Mecca
West Milford broke about 24-2 against Murphy/Mecca
Wayne broke about 78-4 against Murphy/Mecca
Passaic broke about 40-20 in favor of Mecca/Murphy (unless their Hispanic allies switch loyalties when they see the rest)

So, even if all the other 11 towns break 100% for Murphy (highly unlikely), he still comes up shy of the votes needed for Chairman.

2*Na^4 + Hey^3 = GOODBYE

Passaic County Republicans have spoken, and they have rejected the failed leadership of the past.

quod erat demonstrandum


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