The value of gridlock

Responding to the assertion of former NJ Governor Christie Whitman that gridlock is bad, I offered a different take on the matter:

"Governor, rather than 'shatter the political gridlock that prevents the passage of legislation that is good for America,' I do believe that we ought to encourage the political gridlock that prevents the passage of legislation that is BAD for America.

The lack of gridlock that characterized the George W. Bush personality cult that called itself the Republican Party from September 12, 2001 - November 8, 2006, under which the size of government grew in frightening ways without even the whispered threat of a veto, is much more harmful to American taxpayers than the partisan quibbling that prevents Congress from passing more go-along-to-get-along Bills that lay waste to our nation's fiscal health.

We Republicans ought to be thinking about how to get back to the aggressive spirit of 1994 that curtailed Clinton's socialist agenda, and not how to hold hands with the Democrats so that we expand the size of the Federal Government and bankrupt America just slightly slower than liberals would like."


Anonymous said...

This was brought up in discussion on one of the talk shows the other night. The guests were discussing how Congress passed laws like the bill that made online gambling illegal. In the name of protecting people from themselves by preventing them from spending thier own hard-earned money the way they choose, Congress forced yet one more common practice into the shady, black-market world of Prohibition. This is not what they were elected to do.

Anonymous said...

Gridlock is always a double edged sword, depending on whos ox is being gored.