Review of the Iowa Caucuses - My9

On Sunday, I joined NJ's favorite "struggling lobbyist in America", Leroy Jones, for another lively discussion of the Presidential races - this time focusing on the results of the Iowa Caucuses. Leroy and I have previously covered Sharpe James, Stem Cell research, Rudy Giuliani, and Iraq withdrawal.

My money quotes:

  1. "Obama really hasn't been taken to task yet. He makes all these lovely speeches and does that sort of Dr. King impersonation that I'm sure he practiced growing up in Indonesia and in Hawaii."
  2. "If [Obama] was running for President of the High School graduating class, I'm sure I'd be the head of 'Republicans for Obama'. But the fact is that he's running for President of the United States, and I don't think that he's demonstrated the credentials to be able to do that yet."
  3. "I think [Rudy's is] a very poor strategy...[Is he] really America's Mayor? Clearly he's not Iowa's Mayor!"

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Arthur Soto said...

Great job George with the ongoing TV appearances. Will Fox News or CNN be calling you next?

I think after NH, you CAN count Edwards out. I'm honestly surprised with Hillary's win over Obama and Ron Paul didn't do too well, my friend... I'm glad McCain and Huckabee did relatively well.

And Romney? Faker than a 3 dollar bill.