Los Republicanos de la ciudad de Passaic

Passaic City Councilman and Freeholder candidate Jonathan Soto defeated 8th District Congressional candidate Jose Sandoval for the Republican Municipal Chairmanship of Passaic this evening. Soto described the evening as a "unity event" and the 29 County Committee members who turned up tonight to support Soto, as well as Sandoval's 21 delegates, are ALL expected to support Scott Rumana in tomorrow night's County Chairman election.

Sandoval also spoke positively about the fact that Soto has pledged to back Rumana.

Sandoval and Soto, 2 potentially strong Hispanic candidates who both lead loyal followings, are running mates in November's general election. Now that this internal election is behind them, they can be expected to ramp up their cooperative efforts to rebuild the Republican Party in the City of Passaic.


Anonymous said...

The most important outcome is that the factions supporting both Soto and Sandoval unite to elect Rumana as chair, and that they work together to bring a Republican presence back into Passaic County government this coming November.

George Ajjan said...

well stated anonymous.

Both Soto and Sandoval have very strong potential as candidates - their ability to turn out a largely Hispanic base in Passaic for the GOP could be a determining factor not only in 2006, but more importantly in future elections once we get started on the party building that was neglected for so many years.

Tomorrow is a new day!

PaulieWalnuts said...

I think I can say in Spanish,

"Junto de Mecca-Murphy-Pascrell es muy triste con las noticias de Passaic"