Grand Old Party in Haledon

The Passaic County Republican Party has officially turned the corner, proved by recent press coverage, but most especially by last night's excellent fundraiser at the Brownstone House in Paterson, to benefit Haledon's GOP candidates.

First, newly elected Chairman Scott Rumana showed up and actually got behind the podium and spoke enthusiastically about the candidates and their ability to win! It was incredibly refreshing.

The audience was filled with people not only from Haledon, but from outside the town (like former State Senator Norm Robertson and Paterson Councilman Aslon Goow) who were happy and encouraged to support the Party's local candidates again, for the first time in a long while.

The local candidates: incumbent Mayor Ken Pengitore, former Councilman John Block, and newcomer Crystal Rolon, all spoke enthusiastically. We also heard from Freeholder candidates Jonathan Soto and Ken Del Vecchio, who gave introductory remarks and proposed a moment of silence for the family of former Chairman Michael Mecca. Their erstwhile 3rd running mate, Ronni Nochimson, did not attend - she will not remain a candidate, and there is at least one bombshell of a replacement name being thrown about.

Special congratulations to newly elected Municipal Chairman Ayman Mamkej, for putting together the event, and for helping to recruit the outstanding M.C. Rodney Laney and a hilarious comedian/ventriloquist. We had great laughs, and of course thoroughly enjoyed the Brownstone's tried-and-true "Beefsteak" menu.

Finally, I will add that this year's effort in Haledon is truly a ethnic outreach. Pengitore and his team "get it", our new Chairman Rumana "gets it", and the word is spreading. It started spreading through the Brownstone last night. How fortunate that Democrats like County Clerk Karen Brown and Paterson Board of Education member Andre Sayegh (an aide to State Senator John Girgenti), were attending an event right next door.

The message was broadcast loud and clear: sooner or later, we will retake territory that the Democrats stole under the incompetent previous GOP regime.


Daniel Beckelman said...

It is definitely important to have a competitive GOP to keep the Dems honest in towns like Haledon. I wonder if there is any chance of a Republican revival in Prospect Park.

Anonymous said...

The fundraiser last night was an eye opener. Countless GOP supporters who have remained dormant for years were enthusiastic about being able to once again participate in the county party. The GOP is finally on the road to making the positive changes that have been needed for so long. Chairman Rumana understands that "the base" alone will not win the GOP any elections in Passaic County. It is vital that we maintain a presence in towns like Haledon that have slowly begun to slip into Democrat hands under the leadership of the past. It was clear last night that Mayor Ken Pengitore and his team have the full support of the county party - the way it should be.

George Ajjan said...

First of all, it is entirely within reach that the GOP can take back towns like Bloomingdale and Ringwood, but even towns bordering the city like PP, Haledon, and WP.

We just need competent leadership that cultivates talent, and Scott seems willing to build a team that is capable and enthusiastic about doing that.

A Real Republican said...

Why would haledon put a 3 time arrested drunk driver as the borough leader. With leadership like this, Haledon is Doomed. Oh and did they honestly think putting up a young hispanic woman is going to help them? If you only hear the rumors that circulate around the grammer school about her. I think this year will be the worst year for the Republicans of Haledon. The Dems have to strong a ticket.