The "Deathwood"

What better venue than the Bethwood banquet hall (jokingly referred to by some as the "Deathwood") on Union Boulevard in Totowa Borough of all places, to witness the end of an era in Passaic County Republican politics.

Tonight, by a vote of 252-118, Wayne Mayor Scott Rumana defeated former Little Falls Mayor Eugene Liss to become the new Chairman of the Passaic County Republican Party, replacing the outgoing Mike Mecca.

As many predicted, the margin was not even close. Change has been swept in by party activists by a 36 point spread (68% to 32%).

I have anticipated this day for nearly 3 years. Others have waited nearly 23 years. It is a well-deserved victory to be savored.

Tomorrow is a new day for Passaic County. Congratulations to Chairman-elect Rumana for his victory, and to Eugene Liss (as an individual) for running a clean campaign.


Anonymous said...

There couldn't have been a more appropriate choice of venue for such a monumental event.

PaulieWalnuts said...

Lol u mean they skipped the meatcutters hall this year?

George Ajjan said...

Last night, one of the many celebrating Republicans made the ironic remark, "you know, it's been a long time since we came out of the Bethwood smiling!"

He was of course referring to the many not-quite-victory election night parties held by the GOP under the past leadership in recent years.

There was a party at the Bonfire Restaurant after Rumana's victory yesterday, and the good feelings of friendship and happiness were so refreshing and appreciated by all I am sure.

This really is a fresh start for Passaic County Republicans, and to me the most promising bit is that the new leadership will actually encourage people with ideas and talents, not discourage them simply because they can't puppeteer them.

What a win!

incrediblyhappy said...

Hurrah! For the first time in years, we have reason to be optimistic about the Republican Party in Passaic County. Under Scott Rumana's leadership, decent people can be active again. Cheers to Gene Liss for his class and dignity; Jeers to Mike Mecca for not even staying around to congratulate Scott....pretty classless, but perhaps not surprising. A GREAT F'N NIGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...


That lack of class further supports every argument ever made in the past against Mecca's failed leadership.

A great day for Passaic County's future!

Congratulations to newly-elected Chairman Rumana.

George Ajjan said...

Even Bill Albers, who writes for politicsnj.com, commented on Mecca's behavior:

politicsnj article

George Ajjan said...

It's Wednesday evening, and I just got a telephone call from a GOP colleague with whom I have had sharp disagreements in the past, though fortunately we always managed to maintain an open channel of communication.

This person has traditionally been thought of as a "Mecca/Murphy" supporter.

His call was to say, "Last night was a win for the Republican Party."

I agree. We both had high praise for Gene Liss and his gentlemanly demeanor. I postulated that given the wide margin of victory, ultimately 90% of the party would support Scott Rumana.

"It will be more than 90%," said my colleague. That is sooooo good to hear. It shows that yesterday was truly a clean break from the past.

This has been a very joyous 24 hours.