2*Na^4 + Hey^3 = GOODBYE

Tonight witnessed a dramatic election of Republican County Committee members in Passaic County. This election was basically a pre-cursor to next Tuesday's ballot on which the County Committee will elect a new Chairman. The slot is currently held by Mike Mecca, protégé of ex-convict and former Chairman Peter Murphy, who is presumed to want the job once again.

Of the county's 16 municipalities, 5 had contested races for County Committee, and here is what happened (please do bear in mind that these are rough and unofficial tallies, which do not include absentee ballots):

Paterson broke about 57-19 against Murphy/Mecca
Clifton broke about 70-20 against Murphy/Mecca
West Milford broke about 24-2 against Murphy/Mecca
Wayne broke about 78-4 against Murphy/Mecca
Passaic broke about 40-20 in favor of Mecca/Murphy (unless their Hispanic allies switch loyalties when they see the rest)

So, even if all the other 11 towns break 100% for Murphy (highly unlikely), he still comes up shy of the votes needed for Chairman.

2*Na^4 + Hey^3 = GOODBYE

Passaic County Republicans have spoken, and they have rejected the failed leadership of the past.

quod erat demonstrandum

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Anonymous said...

This is the moment loyal Passaic County Republicans have been waiting for. Clearly, the message sent Tuesday was that it is time to give new leadership and fresh ideas a chance. Republicans deserve a chairman who will listen to the concerns and ideas of the county committee, as well as the citizens of the county. The GOP has a great ticket for November, and needs leadership that will support EVERY CANDIDATE running. From the outcome of Tuesday's election, it appears that the change we have been waiting for may finally be on its way here.