Interview: Trump's pre-primary woes

George Ajjan, an international political strategist, told Newsweek that the recent spate of negative events surrounding Trump could have effects that extend beyond the holiday season. "The January 6 committee and the tax return release, ironically, will ultimately amount to noise that merely feeds what has become Trump's tired victimization narrative," Ajjan said. He continued: "His goose was cooked after the disastrous midterms, especially with the rise of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has all of the personal characteristics that the Republican base loved about Trump, plus a solid track record in legislating/governing. Plus, he has none of the baggage." Ajjan also said that "Republicans want victory, and for the first time in eight years, Trump will have to face the music for having failed to deliver it for himself or for the party. This sends him into the new year and the coming primary season in very weak condition."