Analysis of Syria's media war on AJE's "Listening Post"

(comments at 2:14, 2:48 & 4:49) "[the cannibalism video] indicates the desperation of some of the obviously more extreme elements...when you watch it, you almost feel as if it's a hunter, a documentary about hunting and a guy who just killed a deer, and he's narrating how he killed it, how he's going to skin it, and how he's going to cook it up for dinner; that's the kind of feeling you get, which is very disturbing...These savage videos, and using them, is a really tough call for journalists, because on the one hand, it's real. On the other hand, it really jades the coverage. The challenge for media is to figure out when to use such graphic footage and when not to. Because we can't measure what real public opinion is, it makes it very hard for even the most objective and conscientious journalist."