Analysis of the media coverage of the Syrian crisis on AJE's "Listening Post"

"The international media has just been too quick to adopt this heroes and villains, black and white narrative."

"It's basically the latest verse of a song that they've been singing for the past 40 years, which is: everybody's against us, there's a big foreign conspiracy, and we are the Syrian nation.  The thing that I found quite humorous actually about the [Syrian state TV clip] was the music playing in the background, turning it into some kind of dramatic Hollywood piece.  It's just really over-the-top propaganda."

"There's nothing other than the placards being held by the person behind the camera indicating what the context of [groups of people dancing on the street] is.  So it's not entirely clear that there's a correlation between what's being indicated on the placards and what's actually on the minds of those doing the dancing down below."