Key quotes from an appearance on My9's weekly political program "NJ Now":

- on upstart Tea Party candidates taking on establishment favorites in Republican Primaries
"The organization structures are very strong, there's no doubt about that - and the only way you're going to beat them is if you've got money.  The Tea Party candidates that were successful, Rand Paul notably in Kentucky, were very well-funded.  He had an operation, and money to fund the operation.  Just going out there and having a website and saying, 'I'm affiliated with the Tea Party and I've got some activists that are mad-as-hell-and-not-gonna-take-it-anymore' is not enough to defeat a machine, particularly up against an incumbent."
- on NJ Governor Christie's ongoing battle with the teachers union
"He's kicking butt and I love it.  I can't decide what would make me happier: if Chris Christie continued to make great policy; or if he would resign from the Governor's office, team up with David Chase to make a dramatic series based on himself as Governor - it would be better than The Sopranos!"
"He IS doing his best, he's not governing based on polls or what's going to give him a 5 point bounce in his approval rating this week, or this month, or even this year.  He's saying, 'I've been elected for 4 years, this is what I'm out to accomplish, and that's exactly what I'm going to do.'"