Quoted in The Observer re: Jonathan Krohn

While overseeing plumbing, telephone installation, and other details for a soon-to-be-opened japanese restaurant in Senegal, I received a call from David Smith, reporter for The Observer newspaper in London.

He asked me to watch 2 videos of and compare:
  1. 14-year-old Jonathan Krohn addressing CPAC this year
  2. 16-year-old William Hague addressing the Tories at their Party Conference in 1977
I was quoted as follows:
"I imagine that, in 1977, to make a speech at a party conference, you had to be quite well read in policy and political history. Today you can watch a few video clips and read a few blogs, then make your two-minute speech and get the video posted around...

People always find a bright young person appealing. If [progressive action group] MoveOn.org put up a 16-year-old liberal, we'd all be gooing and gaaing over it."