David Rebovich

I was as shocked as anyone to learn that Rider University Political Science Professor and NJ political guru par excellence, David Rebovich, died suddenly yesterday of a heart attack.

I had the good fortune of meeting Rebovich in person at the studio of News12, as I taped a segment with him and Steve Kornacki for "Power and Politics" in February of 2004, just after I had launched my congressional campaign.

I got there early and sate in the lobby, Rebovich showed up a few minutes later and we sort of recognized one another from our internet photos, but he sat in another room and we didn't get to chatting until a bit later.

I was delighted to learn that he had also attended Johns Hopkins, and in fact had stayed in the Adams-Baker House of AMRII during his freshman year, just like I did! He also told me that he was starting back-court for the JHU Basketball team with none other than former Philadelphia Mayoral candidate Sam Katz!

He encouraged me and seemed genuinely happy to see a young person take the political plunge. The few times I wrote him emails in response to his columns, he always responded in the same positive manner and I regret not having engaged this terrific person with more frequency.

Condolences to the Rebovich family and all of his loved ones. May God rest his soul with the just.