My Brave New iWorld

When Apple instituted price cuts for the iPhone, I decided it was time to get on board, especially since I am already on AT&T and since the unlocking mechanism had been thoroughly validated (enabling me to use my overseas SIM cards in the phone).

A hint - I bought it refurbished from Apple for $349 plus tax, which essentially is the sum I will collect by selling my old iPod, my old piece-of-crap Motorola L7 (SLVR), and my old Canon digital camera - since the iPhone has all-in-one, I can essentially upgrade for free.

2 caveats:
  1. the camera is very limited (no zoom)
  2. internet access will cost me $20 extra per month as mandated by AT&T.
That is well-worth it though, considering that I have mobile email/internet access for the first time ever, and what a treat! Even in Senegal, if I find a WiFi zone, I'm online on the road. Very cool.

  • the Safari browser doesn't display Arabic characters (or any other non-latin alphabet, for that matter)
  • no video camera
  • no cut and paste on email
But overall, I'm thrilled!