My9 TV appearance - Iraq and 2008 Primaries

My9 News (WWOR tv based in Secaucus, NJ) producer Ronica Harris invited me for a 2nd appearance on the talk show "New Jersey Now", which airs each Sunday at 12pm on Channel 9. This time, the 2 segments were:
  1. The ongoing debate about America's continuing military occupation of Iraq
  2. Developments in the 2008 Presidential Primaries, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani

Naturally, I appeared to offer the "Republican" angle, and opposite me this time was Dick Codey's former Chief-of-Staff (including the brief stint as Governor), Pete Cammarano. Pete was a lot of fun to talk with and as you'll see in the videos, cuts right to the heart of the matter.

Here is the video of the 1st segment on Iraq. The discussion was more free-form, which gave me ample opportunity to discuss non-intervention as a foreign policy and relate that to the Founding Fathers, as well as a paleoconservative argument around the need for a war declaration, according to Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

The second segment was more lighthearted, with some banter about Hillary Clinton and her role as 1st Lady, plus some comments on Barack Obama's food shopping habits.

I thank Ronica Harris for the opportunity and I look forward to future appearances.