Dakar encore

Apologies for the delay in posting for the past 10 days. I have returned to Dakar (I actually launched this blog from here back in April) and have not had the opportunity to post. It is awfully hot here in August.

A few words for the moment about air travel and terrorism prevention: on the flight to Dakar via Paris I carried on my laptop only, and took the risk that my toiletries would get lost, simply to avoid the hassles about liquids and what-not. However, I also carried on, through security, an open package of Starburst candy. No questions asked. Not good. Imagine how easy it would be to mold plastic explosives and smuggle them in Starbust wrappers.

We need to keep thinking and brainstorming of possible ways to do harm. Anticipating is better than reacting! What also concerns me is that terrorists might use a "pump fake" to send us scurrying after a deliberately exposed plot, only because they had something more sinister in mind that would slip through the cracks while we chased down shampoo.

Hoping to resume posting shortly.