The Lowe-down on Passaic County

Tonight, the County Committee of the Passaic County Republican Party will endorse Erik Lowe as a candidate for the office of Freeholder, standing beside Jonathan Soto and Ken Del Vecchio in the November election, up against incumbent Democrats James Gallagher, Sonia Rosado, and newly-appointed Tahesha Way.

Lowe, a friend of mine, takes the place of former County Clerk Ronni Nochimson, who was chosen by the Executive Committee under the previous regime before Scott Rumana ascended to the Chairmanship. Lowe had "screened" (presented his credentials) before the former County Committee in the Spring, but was not chosen.

Lowe, a 38-year-old bank manager and father who lives in the multi-ethnic 6th Ward of Paterson, ran unsuccessfully on 3 past occasions for the Paterson School Board. Lowe's candidacy will be important as an outreach to the black community, a prominent demographic in Passaic County that has traditionally been the hardest nut for the Republican Party to crack.

I look forward to supporting him enthusiastically.