Beware the L-word

  • 1980: 9 points
  • 1984: 18 points
  • 1988: 8 points
  • 1992: 5 points
  • 1996: 9 points
Sorry, but 3 points does not constitute a landslide.

UPDATE (19:28 GMT): ok, so it looks more like 6 points. It's a convincing win and a mandate. Though still not on par with the elections noted above (save '92).


Caias Ward said...

Six, George. According to CNN. With majorities across many demographics and 7 million more votes.

TheLucidLibertarian said...

Even though there were so many unanswered questions pertaining to who Obama really is and where he would take this country, it seems people were ready to take a chance on his "change" message. If he puts together a bi-partisan, coalition government, and steers clear of hiring former cabinet memebers from the Clinton and Carter administrations, things might go fairly well. We'll have to wait and see.

ambrosiajr said...

No Landslide? Real Clear Politics has him at 7 points. He won Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, Indiana, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico which were all in the red column last time. He has nearly an 8,000,000 vote majority - 53% to 46%. He has 201 more electoral votes with Missouri still too close to call.

So, I ask the question, what constitutes a landslide in your view?

George Ajjan said...

as I revised in the post, Ambro, it was a convincing win. But not a landslide. This doesn't compare to Reagan in 1980, certainly not 1984, or even HW Bush in 1988.

I understand your enthusiasm for Obama and for a change from Bush, but let's not consequently devalue the English language.