September update

Dear readers,

Please excuse me for not having updated the blog for the past 2+ weeks - it is not that I didn't have much to say or observe - quite the contrary!

Sito AjjanBut a perfect storm of a hectic schedule, preparations for another long stay in Senegal (from whence I write today), and sadly, the passing of Sito (the preferred Arabic word to call one's grandmother) Gertrude Fattell Ajjan, who was 84, made keeping up to date with the blog all the more difficult. May God have mercy on her.

On a brighter note, you will notice (and hopefully enjoy) the new expanded 3-column look of the blog, which penalizes my overseas cybercafe readers with 800x600 displays (sorry guys), but offers the vast majority more content on-screen and easier access to clips of my tv appearances, which I hope will continue.

I plan to update with a series of quick posts getting up-to-date, and inshallah I will regain my usual pace shortly.



Dino P. Crocetti said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother, George. Take comfort in knowing that she's with the Lord now and that she is watching over you as we speak.

Nouri said...

hiya intaqala ila'l-amgaad as-samaaweyya; may she rest in peace, I'm sure she was a great woman.