Questions 67 & 68

Following up on the pachyderm madrasa report card from 2 weeks ago, here are some questions that I'd love to hear Brit Hume, the moderator of tonight's Republican debate on Fox News, ask the 10 prospective GOP presidential nominees:
  1. Do you have any American Muslims working on your campaign?
  2. Every year of his presidency, President Bush has invited American Muslim leaders to the White House for an iftar, a dinner marking the end of the fasting period of Ramadan. If elected, do you intend to honor this precedent, which would mean that Islamic prayers would be recited in the White House?
  3. Will your administration continue to promote democracy in the Middle East, even if it means that extremists hostile to the United States could be legitimately elected, as we have seen in Palestine and Lebanon?
  4. Two-part question: a) What percentage of the violence in Iraq is due to foreign fighters? and b) How many soldiers would it take to seal Iraq's borders? (extra credit for a good talib who computes answer b as a percentage and compares it with answer a.)
  5. Follow-up to question 4: how many soliders would it take to seal the US-Mexico border? Is this more or less than the number of troops in Iraq?

Of course, I will present the 2nd marking period madrasa report card after the debate.

note - Ron Paul has an advantage on this quiz, since he is probably the only one of the 10 candidates who reads Chronicles (my article in the June issue, which arrived today, answered questions 4 & 5).


thelucidlibertarian said...

I thought Ron Paul could have done much better in the debate. On domestic policy questions his answers were top shelf. Coincidentally, I liked the fact that Rudy Giuliani claims he would like to see all federal agencies reduced in size by 1/2 within the next 10 years. That would be one of the best things to ever happen in Washington D.C.!

However, Ron Paul's Foreign Policy answers were terrible. Everyone knows he is a non-interventionist. He should have kept his answers at "you only go to war when you absolutely have no other choice, and the war must be declared by the Congress," which he has said repreatedly before. To say that 9/11 was the fault of the U.S. in a Republican Primary is the kiss of death and left him wide open to Rudy and Tancrado jumping down his throat. Ron Paul should be smart enough to realize that comments like that will make people who are unfamiliar with his domestic policies think he is a looney-left-wing wackjob who is running for President in the wrong party.

Nouri said...

Ron Paul is outta there!