Zulima Farber should not be paid for "spin" time

Several weeks ago, NJ Attorney General Zulima Farber raced to the rescue of her boyfriend who had gotten stopped by police in Bergen County for driving an unregistered minivan with an invalid license, only to subsequently duck out of the public spotlight until this week. According to a very unflattering article on by Mitch Maddux and Shawn Boburg in The Record:
Farber's appearance Friday was the first step in an apparently coordinated public relations campaign, following three weeks of silence, no public appearances and other efforts to skirt the issue. The attorney general also has hired a Princeton-based media consultant, Mickey Faigen. Farber also has scheduled individual interviews with reporters today.
To be clear: With the state still in financial ruin, AG Farber should not be paid for any time she spends doing interviews to give her spin on actions she herself admitted were "inappropriate". And I would further like to know if her spin-meister will be paid from her own personal funds, or will the NJ taxpayers have to bear that burden as well?

Farber's actions do not surprise me at all, because I have seen her "prowess" before, back in February when I testified before the Homeland Security committee of the NJ Legislature at the request of Republican State Chair Tom Wilson, along with Sherine el-Abd, co-Chair of the NJ Arab-American Republican Caucus (to listen to my testimony, click here) regarding the Dubai Ports deal. Farber made a bumbling statement before the committee, full of the same unsophisticated rhetoric the Democrats were racing to the microphone to proclaim.

But Republican committee member Assemblyman Kevin O'Toole, who is also the Essex County Republican Chairman, made a fool out of Farber during his questioning. He pushed her as to why the State Director of Homeland Security was not present - she did not seem to know who held that position and if it even fell under her jurisdiction. I literally had to look at the floor to stop myself from bursting out laughing. O'Toole was that good.

And all the reporters covering that hearing saw Farber in action as well, including Mitch Maddux, who co-wrote today's piece.


Daniel Beckelman said...

Zullima Farber, who is so corrupt even Jim McGreevey (the man who brought you his gay lover as homeland security director), couldnt appoint her. So now "Mr. Ethics" Jon Corzine and the tupee-clad wimps in the Senate make her the chief "law-enforcement" official, and we have to pay when SHE gets in trouble? PLEEZ!

This is why, despite holding a position in the College Democrats, I resigned and am now a Republican-leaning independent. There are many Democrats worth praising, but the results of their governance at the state level in New Jersey are uninspiring. Shutting down state services in the wake of a budget dispute is not the behavior of statesmen it is rather the chicanery of madmen. It’s time for the GOP to stand up for what they believe in and paint the Statehouse red in November 2007.

George Ajjan said...

Let me add: Farber should reimburse the State of NJ for any mileage accrued on any government vehicle related to this scandal, especially the initial "rescue" trip.

Daniel Beckelman said...

dbNow it seems Princess Zullima's friend, Union County Freeloader and Motor Vehicle Commission miscreant Angel Estrada, was able to pick a new driver's license out of a Cracker Jack box for good ol Hamlet out right away at Princess Z's dictation.

I am just glad Hamlet Goore lost his 1977 Democratic legislative primary, but oh wait he has a patronage job in Irvington. I sure hope there is some1 with enough courage in that 1-party Democrat city to say "Enough is Enough" and make sure hes out on Lyons Avenue.

And speaking of another Democratic hackvill...I mean bastion, Fairview should be investigated for cronyism and corruption. How come no one in that town knows NOTHING about this incident? I mean its freakin Fairview, this is probably the first time they made the newspaper in a generation. Oh wait, I forgot, they are part of New Jersey's homegrown Democrat "Culture of Corruption" and thus exempt from being honest with the press and public.