The latest Arab-Armenian success story

Arabs and Armenians have a long history of friendly and warm relations, whether in Aleppo, Baghdad, Beirut, Jerusalem, or elsewhere.

Tens of thousands of Armenians fled southwards into Greater Syria from Southern and Eastern Turkey during the Genocide of the early 20th century, where they were welcomed by the Arab populations. They have retained their language and culture, including Armenian-rite Christianity, while still integrating into Arab society.

When I read about the proposed deal between Nissan/Renault and General Motors, I could not help but think of this historical link.

Nissan/Renault's CEO Carlos Ghosn, born in Brazil of Lebanese extraction, has been negotiating with prominent GM shareholder Kirk Kerkorian, an American whose parents fled the Armenian Genocide.


Anonymous said...

3a2balak Ya Abu Grieg

Anonymous said...

well i don't know much in the World of business and money...but I want to thank you for talking about Armenians, I love them and really admire them they are a great example for honest integration. They (and of course other minorities like (sharkas) made our life as Syrians richer and nicer I don't exaggerate by saying that they were an example for doing work in a perfect way ..we always feel assured when we hear someone praising something by saying ( hada shogl arman)

chris said...

I have many Syrian and Lebenesse friend (AND YES SYRIANS AND LEBENESSE CAN BE FRIENDS) Dont listen to the US media so much, and as an Armenian-American I can say we (Armenians-Arabs) have a long and rich history. I was even the best man at my friends wedding (Syrian and Armenian).