Not present in 5,000 YouTube debate questions?

In last night's YouTube CNN debate - in which Romney must have been dizzy from his own spin, Huckabee offered more of his insipid brand of "Elevator Music Conservatism", Giuliani displayed his trademark arrogance, Thompson validated the panic that ensues from Hollywood writers' strikes, and McCain acted more crabby than Archie Bunker - Ron Paul was largely shut out of the last segment, until the following question was posed:
"Mr. Paul, I think we both know the Republican Party is never going to give you the nomination. But, I'm hoping that you're crazy like a fox, like that, and you're using this exposure to propel yourself into an independent run...Mr. Paul, are you going to let America down by not running as an independent?"
How convenient of CNN to pick this question to air. I'm wondering if, in their stack of 5,000 submissions, they received any of the following questions?
  1. "Mr. Thompson, I think we both know that unless you disclose immediately that the lead script writer for Law & Order will be your running mate, the Republican Party is never going to give you the nomination. But..."
  2. "Mr. Tancredo, I think we both know that a guy who wears that shabby a suit to a nationally-televised debate is never going to get the Republican nomination. But..."
  3. "Mr. Romney, I think we both know that a guy who needs to consult his attorneys before he decides what color flip-flops to wear is never going to get the Republican nomination. But..."
  4. "Mr. Huckabee, I think we both know that Ted Nugent playing a wailing guitar solo while 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair and his tag team partner Chuck Norris threaten to bodyslam any voter who doesn't laugh at the snappy one-liners on which you rely to cloak your shallow grasp of the issues is not enough to get you the Republican nomination. But..."
  5. "Mr. McCain, I think we both know that Republicans are never going to give the nomination - and therefore the trust to run the nation's finances - to a guy who can't even keep his own campaign afloat. But..."
  6. "Mr. Hunter, I think we both know that Republican voters do not directly nominate a Secretary of Defense. So what the hell are you still doing in this race?"
  7. "Mr. Giuliani, I think we both know that once voters find out that you once married your cousin, the Republican Party is never going to give you the nomination. Although in a few states..."


Eric Sedler said...

I just came back from New Hampshire and saw Ron Paul, Tancredo, and Huckabee speak.
I'd hate to say it but Paul is overrated..he's really intelligent and all but doesn't know campaigning 101: play to your audience. You figure he'd do well in front of a college audience but he wasn't on his game, was kind of dull, and lacked good transition in his speech. I can see why logic plays out in his message and how some people grow attracted but I wasn't impressed at all. Talking monetary policies to a bunch of college kids won't get you too many supporters.I think he may have hit his ceiling, although he's definately a legitimate candidate.

Huckabee on the other hand was excellent, speaking often about education, clearly knowing his audience well. (and he's not even who I'm backing)

Anonymous said...

The way in which the CNN people conducted this debate was shameful. They did not give the candidates equal time by any means. They picked the worst possible questions to ask. In fact, it seemed they only picked questions that would make the GOP candidates look bad - questions related to abortion, gay rights, the Bible, etc...Nothing on education, no serious discussion of tax policy, the multitude of welfare state programs that should be abolished, or the failed war on drugs that has destroyed countless lives for no good reason, just to name a few. This debate was a joke.