Snowy still water surprise

What a delight, descending upon Heathrow from Dakar 2 days ago (on a BMED flight), to hear the captain announce that London had been covered in a blanket of snow the previous day! In my experience, snow (or at least snow that sticks) is quite rare there.

But I had a bigger shock when a friend and I sat down to eat at Sofra (a Turkish chain) in my old stomping grounds of St. John's Wood, and the waiter brought us the still water that had been ordered. Having been in Africa for the past month, such highly-advanced packaged and marketed products seem other-worldly. I mean I really did a double-take when served such "high-class" hydroxylic acid.


TheLucidLibertarian said...

VOSS water is awesome. I had it for the first time two years ago at the Old Homestead Steakhouse at the Borgata in Atlantic City. You don't see it too often in North Jersey though, except for a few select stores and high-class eateries.

George Ajjan said...

Thanks Luc for the comment.

In Senegal, several local bottlers distill water and fraudulently market it as "spring water" - in the high-class eateries they may serve Evian or another French brand.

But even then it's a plastic ribbed bottle with a paper label - nothing like the presentation of VOSS.

So it was a small episode of culture shock for me being served still water packaged like vodka.

Mike Klein said...

While I once welcomed the presence of a bottle of sparkling Voss when I was experience a deep club soda craving in a liquor store in Washington's semi-upscale Tenleytown neighborhood, you are right in pointing the packaging out as a symbol of excess.

Although I'm not an uber-green by any stretch, the notion of transporting water huge distances is a commercial and environmental atrocity, IMHO. I would have rather bought club soda from Pennsylvania than from Scandinavia, and I shudder to think what the environmental cost is of bottling and shipping Fiji water from the S. Pacific.

For what it's worth,

Mike Klein
The Zionist Pig Lover

Caias said...

Evening George. Check your phone messages; I'm trying to put some money in your pocket :)

As for water... I'm pretty spoiled, as my town has excellent tap water (well water) and always has. The concept of buying water is bizarre to me. Perhaps it's the middle-class upbringing and not having the money to waste on bottled water; maybe that's why I drive an 8 year old car and shop for black t-shirts on sale.

The flip side is, unlike the US Government, my debt payments are shrinking monthly. :)