Hispanics get no respect from Menendez

I will no longer spell the surname of Democrat Senator Robert Menendez with an accent. He doesn't deserve to be addressed with the proper Spanish spelling after the disgusting, racist stunt his campaign pulled recently.

Reeling from the Donald Scarinci tape scandal, Menendez sought to deflect attention by trying to discredit physician Oscar Sandoval, who was at the heart of the controversy revealed on the tapes.

Desperate for a diversion, Menendez's spokesman Matt Miller asserted that Oscar Sandoval was the brother of José Sandoval, the Republican running for Congress against Bill Pascrell in CD-8 (as I did 2 years ago).

Sandoval rightfully went ballistic.
"I do not know Dr. Oscar Sandoval, and he is not related to me in any way, shape, or form. This is blatant racism on behalf of the Menendez campaign. Just because we both have Hispanic surnames does not mean that we are related."
Assemblyman Eric Muñoz, Republican Senatorial candidate Tom Kean's colleague representing District 21 in Trenton, who is of Puerto Rican descent, joined the outrage.
"How dare he (Miller) make such racist assumptions? Just because two Hispanic individuals have the same name that does not mean they are related. Mr. Miller's statements are completely ignorant."
Miller responded with typical arrogance.
"I made the same factual mistake that several reporters and others made, nothing more."
I, for one, join Sandoval and Muñoz in their disgust. How careless and condescending. By Miller's logic, Kean could put out an ad unjustly drawing a close familial connection between his opponent and the infamous Menendez Brothers, convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents in cold blood, and then shrug it off the next day as a "factual mistake".

I also find it shocking that the press largely gave Menendez a pass on this issue. The Hispanic community of NJ certainly deserves a Senator who will give them enough respect to recognize that not everyone with the same surname is related. The fact that Menendez is Hispanic himself makes it even more insulting.

In the meantime, I suggest that Menendez invite Steve Lonegan out for an iced coffee at McDonalds.


Anonymous said...

I'm really shocked Menendez's handlers didn't fact check this one. Way to go on opp research!

-Dan Beckelman

Dino P. Crocetti said...

The fact this didn't get any press makes it very clear who's side the media's bread is buttered on. Has Sandoval considered taking any legal action against the Menendez campaign?

This type of race baiting is quite typical in Hudson County. Infact, it received some attention in the Bergen Record yesterday when another Scarinci tape was released.

Disgraced Freeholder turned inmate Nidia Davila-Colon believed that Puerto Ricans should've had more power than Cubans in Hudson since they vote in bigger numbers. For what it's worth she actually may have been onto something with that claim.

I don't know if you remember me saying this in the past George, but I've cited on more than one occasion than when Bob Menendez ran for his first term in Congress, his campaign was passing out flyers saying that he was Puerto Rican. Cubans tend not to be very well liked among other hispanic ehtnic groups becuase they tend to look down on hispanics and treat them like second class citizens. I had always heard that before but never confirmed it until I met my wife who is Dominican and told me that this is infact the case.

Even though Menendez got caught in his lie, he was the Boss of Hudson County so it really made no difference. There may be more Puerto Rican voters but Cubans have a lot of power in Union City and West New York and they rule with an iron fist. I wouldn't be all that shocked if they threw Davila-Colon to the wolves themselves.

Bob Menendez attacks anybody that threatens his power base. Whether it's Jose Sandoval or a regular average voter like Guttenberg resident Larry Giancola.

Menendez's campaign spokesman Matt Miller has very loose lips and he'd better be careful or else the Menendez campaign could have a lawsuit on their hands.