Vive le colonialisme (je blague)...

Today is Senegalese Independence Day. Moamar Qadhafi is in town (I am here in Dakar) drumming up support for pan-Africanism.

He made a speech after a lengthy parade, the first half of which he seemed absolutely sedated, until he started demanding reparations for the Senegalese (former French colony) from France. That got him going alright!

Of course, right afterwards, Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade had to thank France for loaning 2 aircraft that made flyovers during the festivities. He warmly referred to Qadhafi as "The President of the United States of Africa". Ironically, Wade made his remarks celebrating Senegal's independence in the language of its former colonizers, French, even though significant numbers of Senegalese do not know French and speak only their native languages. Oh, poor Africa...

Anyway, the Colonel really is a piece of work. Without flinching, he switches gears from pan-Arab to pan-African. The photo here shows some of the decor around town. The government clothed thousands of Senegalese women in fresh wax print featuring Qadhafi's face, and thousands of t-shirts for kids too. Got me thinking - what if Bush came through Paterson, NJ on July 4 and and distributed all over the 4th Ward t-shirts with his face on them?

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