As if TAXcrell hasn't done enough...

to Passaic County residents, now the rest of America will be affected by his fist-pounding brand of socialism.

Congressman Bill Pascrell, so complacent that he brags about not needing a website to tell voters why he deserves re-election, has been named to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Type "ways and means" into a search engine and you'll get the following description:
"House committee charged with writing tax legislation and bills affecting Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlement programs."
TAXcrell with jurisdiction over entitlement programs? Looks like the beginning of a "perfect storm"...

I'm just curious - does the NJ State Teachers' Pension Fund invest its money in the government-run Social Security Trust Fund, or is it "privatized" in the equity and bond markets?


HaledonHound said...

Don't worry George, now instead of just convincing Wayne and Totowa residents he is a conservative, he can now do it for people in Kansas and Georgia with a few fake jabs at the left.

TheLucidLibertarian said...

I wonder if Passaic and Essex County towns will feel as beholden to him and his socialist politics when he is no longer "bringing home the bacon" in terms of federal transportation dollars? I don't know about anyone else, but I can't wait to see him side-by-side with Charlie Rangel drumming up new ways to screw over hard working Americans by raising taxes to pay for more failed government programs. Way to go Bill.