How NOT to manage your Google Adwords account

While digesting more of the depressing news coming from the Middle East today, I came across this randomly-generated text ad from Google, shown below.

It says:

Cheap Flights to Lebanon
Get Free Airfare Quotes for your cheap flights from US to Lebanon

Sadly, I don't expect this ad to get many click-throughs for quite a while, because Lebanon currently has no runways upon which flights can land. So for the advertiser's sake, I hope they are not paying per impression.

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George Ajjan said...

A friend sent me this update:

"i was in the plane minutes before take off from dubai going to beirut to join my wife and family. The flight got cancelled when they started bombing the shit out of the airport. Now am trying to get my wife out via the next french destroyer that will be arriving to beirut on sunday hopefully."